Grays Farm Signs of the Times Canary Wharf M4 South

grays farm

Entrance to Grays Farm pick-your-own and farm shop

A photographic project carried out over a year, starting in July 2010

olympic park fence

Olympic site preparation

images of the area affected by the preparation works for the Olympic Park in Stratford and Hackney Wick, East London. These include buildings, the security fencing, people and site work in progress. This photographic project was started in February 2007

An exhibition of this project together with a published photobook, entitled OLYMPIC BLUE, completed this project in Autumn 2008.See



ruby beach

Olympic Peninsula, USA

The US National park in Washington State, USA consists of a coastal strip and an inland section, both in the Olympic Peninsula. Beaches include the most western part of mainland USA and are well-known for their mists and fallen trees on the sand beaches. The inland areas include rare temperate rain forest, snow-covered mountains and fast running rivers.




Signs of the Times

Such is the impact of our current legislative culture that we can now interpret the presence of public signs and notices, not for the messages carried, but rather for the intention to avoid possible lawsuit action. Everything that goes wrong has to be somebody else's fault. Expectations are that we, and especially our children, have a right to a risk-free environment and any opportunity for learning from mistakes is not to be a consideration



bath road

The Bath Road

Many books have been written about the Bath Road from London, telling of the rigours of travel in the days of the horse coach. One of these, published in 1792, had the title ‘A Topographical Survey of the Great Road from London to Bath and Bristol with historical and descriptive accounts of the country, towns, villages and gentlemen's seats on and adjacent to it’. This project uses phrases from this book as a means of commentary on the places described, as they appeared two hundred years later, in the 1990s



canary wharf

Canary Wharf

Images in b&w taken on a 5x4 view camera of the Canary Wharf tower in the early 1990s. The tower was seen from viewpoints which included other structures, such that the viewer is asked to search for the tower in each image, although it is obvious in the example shown here by way of introduction




staines moor

M4 South

A series of photographs taken in the area south of the M4 motorway to the west of London Heathrow airport. The objective was to find elements of beauty in this heavily worked area which was being incorporated into the Colne Valley Park. The photographs cover the period 1992-3